2017 Trends in Education

It’s the year’s end, which brings with it, reflection. As many of us begin to take personal inventory of our lives we also find ourselves evaluating the growth, progress, and success of business the previous year and for 2017. As a software company, we begin to solidify a plan for the upcoming year, we also find ourselves examining our specific industries, our clients, and the forecasted direction of the coming winds.

Every year the “experts” flood our timelines with lists of trends for the coming year. Most of us will spend time over the next few weeks looking at how these trends can be implemented within our own programs. What we often fail to do is spend time comparing. While expected trends make up an important part of the information used to plan for upcoming goals, it is wise to look backward and assess the success and failures of previous trends in order to more accurately determine next steps.

In the chart below, we look at three trends that were expected to disrupt online learning in 2016. None are new, but for each of them 2016 was touted as their year to shine. Take a moment to examine what they are, how they have effected online learning thus far and where the future is predicted to lead.


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