Agents: The Biggest Time-Saving Tool in E360

Edvance360 provides course designers and instructors with a time-saving tool called Agents. Located within the Course, Agents handle all the tasks you don't want to do over and over again. Based on an "if this happens, then this should happen," the sky is the limit. Here's a few examples:

  • Email a list of those who have NOT completed a task or re-certified to yourself or to someone else.
  • Email a list of those who HAVE completed a task so you can send kudos or schedule with them or take some other triggered action.
  • Remind learners who completed a course previously that they need to re-take it in order to stay certified - and keep reminding them until they do it.
  • Remind learners of upcoming or overdue assignments - and keep reminding them until they do what they are supposed to do. And let their supervisor or parent know they too.
  • Prompt the learner to return to the site to complete their course after a certain number of login-free days pass - and keep prompting them to "come back" until they do so.
  • Send an encouraging message or a special file needed for the next steps, when learners have completed a set percentage of a lesson or made it to a Gradebook item.
  • Take action when a learner’s averages fall below a set threshold, such as notify their advisor/mentor/parent, trigger other actions, etc.
  • Automatically notify learners when a grade in the Gradebook has been updated (in case they can't wait until they log in and check the grades for themselves).
Note: Agents can be sent to students, instructors, teaching assistants and additional selected recipients via email. 

Scheduled TasksScheduled Task

  • Assignment Due Reminder
  • Assignment Overdue Alert
  • Participation Monitor Alert
  • Re-certification Reminder

Threshold Alert

  • Login Activity
  • Attendance Alert
  • Lesson Progress
  • Gradebook Progress
  • Running Average

Content Alert

  • Grade Change
  • Test Graded
  • Gradebook Item Empty

Work smarter, not harder with Agents. Learn more about How to Setup Notification Agents in the QuickStart Guides.

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