Getting Out In Front: Homepage Banners

Looking for a more visual and interactive way to make announcements, display new course offerings, or capture your company mission? Need to spread the word about a new award to your clients? Need to ensure your students turn in something by a deadline? Advertise an upcoming conference, special guest speaker or Relay for Life? No problem. Say goodbye to boring text and hello to eye-catching graphics using E360's "Homepage Banners." Our E360 Banners display prominently on the user's Home Page, above all the other widgets and can link users to either internal or external web pages.

Need to make two, or three, or even four of these type of PSA's at once? We've got you covered. Multiple Banners can be added and then sort ordered to cycle through. Users will see settings for banners to allow them to play, pause, and navigation arrows for scrolling forward or back. 

This tool can be found (and activated) by navigating to Admin > Application Management > Banners in Version 8. If you do not see the tab entitled "Banners," simply open a ticket to have this enabled on your site. 

Here's a few general ways to use E360 Home Page Banners

  • Advertise new courses and link to the registration page
  • Promote new communities or groups
  • Welcome new employees or give "kudos" to existing ones
  • Feature new products or services
  • Remind users of deadlines


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