Cloning: Never Start from Scratch Again

Tired of the time and effort it takes to re-build your custom content? We've helped solve that problem with Edvance360 LMS Cloning Tool. This feature provides administrators and course designers/faculty  with a suite of tools which easily copy your course, community and content.

How Does Cloning Work?

You can easily clone/copy all content and settings in a course or community - even entire training programs! Once a course, series of courses/term/learning path, or community has been cloned, the content does not need to be uploaded again since it all points back to the original files located in the Learning Object Repository (LOR) in either the personal or global resource folders. Administrators or facilitators can then use the Start & End Dates tool to quickly reset the dates. Facilitators can be changed at the time courses are cloned as well.

  • Navigate to Admin > Cloning Tools > Course/Community/Content Cloning
    • Select Instructor/Term for the course you want to clone
    • Select the Instructor/Term for where you want to clone new course into
    • Choose all or individual items (lessons, discussions, tests, etc.)
  • Non-admin users can clone content by navigating to their Homepage > Content Cloning
  • Remember to update and dates if needed (i.e., lesson start/end dates, dropbox deadlines)
  • With Edvance360's granular permissions, admin users have the ability to grant access to the Cloning Tools for instructors.
  • Note: Groups cannot be cloned in either Communities or Courses as they are technically a completely separate piece, even though they "appear" inside both Communities and Courses.

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