Learning Outcomes & Competencies: Getting the Job Done

Learning Outcomes & Competencies, developed originally for Higher Education, enables learning programs to focus on concrete, trackable skills. This methodology is useful to corporations (or any type of learning program) who might need to locate exemplary learners to promote or move cross-trained learners between departments during busy seasons, or identify and address skills gaps for learners or departments.

It differs from other approaches in that each unit of learning is extremely specific, measurable, and therefore trackable. Here are a few articles with examples:

Edvance360 has a built-in Learning Outcomes & Competencies tool, provided at no additional cost. Define competencies or skills, connect skills to levels, maintain consecutive versions, and report results.

An example:

  1. Define the skill/levels: Software company's customer service representatives must master the following competencies via the company training program.
    • Identify customer issue
    • Understand software tool or feature to solve issue
    • Resolve customer issue
    • Demonstrate care for customer
  2. Enter the version: Just like policy revisions, create competency version iterations as you obtain feedback from your company training program.
  3. Add objectives and guidelines: An example objective would be the ability to identify the customer issue. Guideline examples might be: 1) actively listen to the customer's verbal and non-verbal queues regarding their issue; 2) clearly communicate to the customer in a friendly manner that the support representative is there to assist them and will work with them to resolve the issue. Each objective can have multiple items listed as a guideline. Match skill to assignments, including tests or assessments.
  4. Create pre- and post-assessments: Use the test or survey tools to assess the user's current knowledge level on a subject. Have the learners take the survey or test again upon completion of the training course to determine if the information was retained.
  5. Review progress: View reports by competency average for objective/skill or learner.
You can also use E360 Navigator to assess a learner's current competencies and allow them to register for courses that expand their skill set to further their career options. Each learner can create their own unique personal learning path and supervisors can monitor their progress.
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