Fostering Lifelong Learners

Although continuing education is a requirement for most licensed professionals (teachers, insurance agents, financial advisors), the life-long learner who develops a habit of seeking out learning for themselves benefits even more. A learning programs tools, focus, and strategies all figure in to developing a culture that fosters learners who, will, learn better.

Harvard Business Review's May article entitled "Learning is a Learned Behavior", examines studies and best practices that make it clear that learners are made, not born:

"Through the deliberate use of practice and dedicated strategies to improve our ability to learn, we can all develop expertise faster and more effectively. In short, we can all get better at getting better."

The article, geared toward those who seek to become lifelong learners suggests readers should organize their goals (it's a project to be managed), think about thinking (be more inspective about how you know what you know), and reflect on your learning (let what you've learned "steep" a bit). Then shares the following tidbit for elearning program directors:

"The good news from all of this — for individuals and for companies looking to help their employees be their best — is that learning is a learned behavior. Being a quick study doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person in the room. It’s that you’ve learned how to learn. By deliberately organizing your learning goals, thinking about your thinking, and reflecting on your learning at opportune times, you can become a better study, too. "

In Edvance360, we provide several built-in tools to facilitate these habits in a lifelong learner as well as the delivery of continuing education courses to those learners. Use our Personal Learning Environment tools such as:

  • ePortfolio (to gather proof of learning in one place as well as store documents and awards/badges
  • Advisors/mentors to enable learners to stay on track with those goals
  • Feedback on the learning topics desired using the E360 Navigator
  • Communities and blogs to share and reflect on acquired expertise
  • Tailored learning paths to individual's expressed learning goals (promotion, etc.)
  • Post-course assessments and surveys to check retention.

As the cost of traditional educational degrees continue to increase, so does the market for alternative or micro-credentialing and non-traditional learning programs internal to organizations or public ones such as MOOCs. (Several major universities, HarvardX, MITx, University of Pennsylvania offer MOOCs as wells as corporations like our own MOOC360, uCertify and Coursera.) We recommend creating your own learning culture at your organization by selecting an award-winning LMS like Edvance360 to offer your learners the courses and tools to become better learners.

Our Continuing Education Module includes the following tools/features:

  • Custom-branded certificates (unlimited)
  • Automatically certificates and/or badges upon completion of a course or other actions taken
  • Create customized learning paths for individuals based on "flags" such as Job Title, location, etc.
  • Set up agent notifications to automatically remind users to login and complete continuing education courses
  • Build your own courses using any file type known to man or import Common Cartridge or SCORM files

To learn more about building your own online courses and programs read our blog articles below.

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