Creating Engaging Online Training

There are a myriad of online training learning management systems (LMS) with a variety of features and tools. It is important to assess your needs and conduct research during the selection process. However, the hardest part is developing engaging content. The article, 6 Tips For Creating Engaging Asynchronous Online Training Courses provides an overview on how to create engaging online training. In addition, we have added more ideas. 

  1. Make it as interactive as possible: Use SCORM files. This allows you to use text, images, videos, and quizzes so users are interacting with the content rather than simply reading or watching. SCORM files can be creating with software like Articulate or Captivate. 
  2. Keep it clear, concise, and easily digestible: Ensure content is mobile-friendly so users can watch from mobile devices. It is also important to segment videos into snippets five minutes or less in length. Use video streaming platform such as YouTube or Vimeo which is already mobile-friendly. 
  3. Tie everything into real world benefits and applications: Use case studies based on actual events. The application of concepts is best displayed through real world scenarios. Discussion boards are an excellent tool for allowing users to share their experiences. 
  4. Use message boards and online groups to spark discussion: Discussion boards are beneficial for several reasons, collaboration, interaction, knowledge-base, etc. 
  5. Incorporate stories and examples that create a connection: Again, the use of real world scenarios is vital to the learning process. Use group projects to encourage collaboration and facilitate sharing of experiences and problem solving. 
  6. Give them ample opportunity to assess and recap what they have learned: Create quizzes to assess learning. Use discussion boards to determine whether or not employees understand content and the application of it.

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