Disrupting the Education Market: Blended and Online Learning Platforms

According to an article in Observer, there are 7 trends shaping the 2018 education market. These trends will affect how educators teach and students learn.  We will be exploring two trends a week and including information on how Edvance360LMS-SN can help facilitate these trends. Last week we discussed STEM, games and assessment. This week we will be reviewing blended and online learning environments.

5. Blended learning environments will engage younger students: According to the report, Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States, the distance education enrollments increased for the fourteenth straight year. We agree that K-12 schools are moving toward online courses as well, particularly the Charter schools and home-school groups, which the above statistics did not include. Although we are discussing education trends, it is important to keep in mind the corporate training market is over $130 billion in size.

Regardless of the delivery methodology, Edvance360LMS-SN is an award winning (Capterra Top 20 Most Affordable LMS, Gartner Top 10 Frontrunner, and more), feature rich social learning platform that can facilitate your courses. We provide a unique solution for various markets such as corporate, higher education and K-12. You can engage with learners via the secure social network, collaborate with communities, wikis or discussion posts, and deliver content (i.e., videos, presentations, documents) in lessons then assess learning with quizzes, tests or surveys. In addition, utilize course reports to view learner progress, tool usage and more.

6. Online learning platforms will graduate to the next level: The cloud has transformed the software industry. Almost all software is now offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) rather than companies owning their own hardware. One of the benefits of using an LMS is the ability to cater to different learning styles (auditory, visual, etc.). For example, a instructor makes short videos of themselves discussing assigned texts. Some students elect to watch the video, either at home or in class, while others prefer to read texts themselves. By giving students options, the instructor has dropped her students’ failure rate from 10 or 15 percent to zero (Observer).

We would say "online learning platforms will finally evolve from course management systems masquerading as learning management systems into networked learning environments". Over 15 years ago, we began as the FIRST learning management system, built on a secure social network, to enable students to learn in all the myriad of ways they learn: just in time, from peers, ask-the-expert, access when you need it and how you need it, and so on. Some of our clients integrate Google Docs, though no one limits their learners to it. We also provide easy-to-use course building wizards so instructors and course designers are not limited to traditional assignments nor means of communicating.

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Next week we will discuss online platforms and continuing education . Stay tuned.