Disrupting the Education Market: Online Platforms Skyrocket Continuing Education

According to an article in Observer, there are 7 trends shaping the 2018 education market. These trends will affect how educators teach and students learn.  We will be exploring trends each week and including information on how Edvance360LMS-SN can help facilitate these trends. Last week we discussed blended and online learning platforms. This week we will be reviewing online learning environments and continuing education.

7. Online platforms will make continuing education elementary: Today, about 40 percent of schools are offering online professional development for their teachers, almost twice as many as in 2013. Micro-credentialing seems to be a major trend for both the educational market and individuals trying to improve their skill set. The ability to award certificates and digital badges for specific skills in addition to course completion is important for learners.

Several of our clients actually provide credentialing to these educators. But it is not just educators that are interested in micro-credentials (and badges). It's adult learners as well, many of whom are:

  • Baby boomers wanting to stay engaged
  • Adults wanting a promotion in their current job
  • Adults wanting to get a new job in a competitive job market.
Our clients use our badge tools and Credly integration, Continuing Education module, eCommerce module, Learning Paths, E360 Navigator (for self-led learners), communities, mentors, ePortfolios, and resource libraries to cater to these individuals.

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