Disrupting the Education Market: STEM, Games & Assessments

According to an article in Observer, there are 7 trends shaping the 2018 education market. These trends will affect how educators teach and students learn. We will be exploring two trends a week and including information on how Edvance360LMS-SN can help facilitate these trends. Last week, we discussed AR and student learning. This week we will be reviewing STEM, games and assessments.

3. STEM will enjoy top honors: Science, "Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is not new, but it continues to be crucial for advancement of society. "STEM Learning Ecosystems are developing across the United States to develop skills for preK-16 both in person and online. The learning environments include partnerships with schools, museums, science centers, institutions of higher education and professional associations. Learn Jelly is teaching coding to children as young as kindergarten and even if they do not end up in STEM courses the initiatives teach life skills like computational thinking, critical reasoning and problem-solving" (STEM Ecosystems).

According to CISCO Blogs:

"In the U.S., 93 percent of employers report a gap between current and desired skills of IT staff (CompTIA's IT Skill Gap Study). In addition to learning critical STEM skills, Networking Academy students—who attend at schools, colleges, and universities; through community programs or military and government agencies; as well as in apprenticeships and internships—also gain less tangible skills like collaboration, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship."

Edvance360 can enhance both in person and online courses for students regardless of their age. Online courses allow experts from across the global to partner with STEM learning ecosystems to share their knowledge to help educate students. They can even video conference with Edvance360's integrated tools. If students are unable to attend, the session can be recorded and uploaded to the Repository and can be viewed at any time. Teachers can use the "flipped classroom" methodology and have students learn concepts prior to attending class. This allows the practical application to be completed in the classroom so teachers can discuss, provide feedback and assist student's in "real time".

4. Games and assessments will change the lesson plan: Assessing has been a standard for determining learning for a long time. However, there is room for improvement. "Formative assessment (AFL), helps teachers check and adjust teaching and learning as part of a lesson rather than at the end." (Observer) Hopefully, as technology improves so will the delivery of assessing student's learning. The gamification of education continues to grow. The Global market expected gamification to grow at CAGR 48 % and forecast to 2021 (Fox8). Startups like EI Games provide gamification content that help bridge the gap between education and real world experience.

Edvance360 possess the ability to test and survey student's learning. This includes true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the blank, and more to automatically assess and grade tests providing almost instant feedback to students. Teachers can also have students complete essay questions, teachers are notified on their homepage so they can review and provide feedback to students electronically. Surveys can be used for an informal assessment of the teacher, student and more. In addition, Edvance360 includes digital badges, certificates and more to provide teachers with gamification tools.

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Next week we will discuss blended and online learning platforms. Stay tuned.