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The Scoop: Self-Directed Learning

In a previous blog post, here, we discussed how Millenials expect to be more in control of their professional development, rather than be subject solely to traditional learning paths. To accommodate this, Edvance360 LMS Version 8.1 now includes brand new tool that enables administators to create an intake form listing various learning topics. When prompted, learners select the topics of interest to them. Their selections are matched to both courses and lessons covering those topics in whole or in part, putting the learner in the proverbial driver's seat. The E360 Navigator tool also provides feedback to elearning program administrators on the topics with the highest interest.

Now, in Version 8.1, administrators provide self-directed learning options in addition to traditional course learning paths. See quick video below. 

Enabling millennials - and really anyone interested in personal development - to direct their own learning path will increase completion levels, contributing to a culture of learning that lowers business costs and increases profits by developing employees. For our blog post on making learning "fun" via gamification, click here. For our blog post on making learning more effective by increasing interactivity, click here.

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