Edvance360 LMS Releases Version 8.1.3 - Ability to Add "Proof" to ePortfolios, and Offline Course Reports


Edvance360 LMS has released Version 8.1.3 and if you are on Version 8, these changes are either already showing or available for selection.

Next up: The ability for Users to Add Training "Proof" to ePortfolios, Profiles, and Offline Course Reports. 

The ability for Users to Add Training "Proof" to ePortfolios, Profiles, and Offline Course Reports was on high demand from both current and potential clientsso we have released it to all clients in Version 8.1.3.

Within Edvance360's robust Offline Reporting tool, users have had the ability to "Add" an Offline Training for approval on their Training Report/Transcript by Direct Supervisors. Now, not only can Users add the Training for Approval, but they can also submit a visual image or file (e.g. certificate, badge, etc.) as "proof" of this Offline Training. 

Users can opt to "Add Training Proof" via a check box, which then opens a menu of options from browsing their device to attach the file proof, to saving that file proof to their personal Profiles, ePortfolios, and Offline Training Report. 
Current file extensions for proof include the uploading of a jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and/or a pdf. 
The viewing of submitted Proof files is provided via an in-line reader pop-up which can be easily closed out of after viewing. No downloading of a submitted document is required. 
* Note: All proof must first be APPROVED prior to the viewing of that information by Users after submission. 
For more information on Version 8.1.3, visit our info page, access the release notes, or register for our upcoming webinar. If you're on Version 7 or an earlier version, and would like to move to Version 8, submit a help ticket and access our V8 info page. If you are new to Edvance360, request a free trial of our award-winning software today!