Edvance360’s #1 Feature: Our People

We normally shy away from listing “people” as a “valuable asset or resource” because the predominant thought around doing so implies that they are replaceable. Ours, quite frankly, are NOT replaceable. However, when it comes to you and your needs, the most valuable asset to getting you up and running successfully is not going to be a particular feature nor will be it be interface - as important as these are - it is going to be OUR PEOPLE. You wouldn’t make it without them, and that’s a fact.

So, without negating the principle that our team is made up of individuals we respect as individuals and far above any part of this company, let’s talk about how our people are dedicated to making your online endeavors successful. It’s our way of “featuring” the stars on our teams.

The Sales Team

The Sales Team is your second impression team (the first is due to a team you’ll likely never meet, the Marketing Team). They build the relationship with you, try to understand what you know about your needs and think for you about the needs you didn’t even know you needed. That’s a lot of emphasis on the word “need” - and that’s what they are good at: matching our solutions to your known and unknown needs. It’s their goal to be as clear and transparent as possible while buying into what you are trying to accomplish with an LMS. They are also tasked with something equally important: foreseeing the potential issues that you can’t see. And though they aren’t clairvoyant, they are close. Then they pass on what they’ve learned to the Implementation Team.

For more information on pitfalls to avoid, click here.

"Edvance360 is the dream team! In addition to understanding our needs and desires for delivery to our students and teachers, the entire team is the most responsive with that "can do" attitude that we have worked with.  I have recommended Edvance360 to several of my business associates as a company who is very interested in working with their clients, and overall responsive to their needs and questions." - Jan G., Gourmet Learning

The Implementation Team

The Implementation Team consists of your salesperson (they don’t just pass you off), your project manager (who keeps the proverbial balls in the air), our CTO (who determines priorities), and the programmers who might be assigned to your integrations (by the CTO). This one is the team that keeps the other teams engaged and delivering on your time table and are awfully good at multitasking or managing a three-ring-circus, which is sometimes how an implementation can feel. For more information on what an Implementation might consist of, click here.

"The Implementation Team, together with the Training Team, carried us over the finish line to launch our online program. We moved from an ILT type of program to online, building courses from almost scratch, and they helped us make it happen. We could not have done it without them. They went far and away, above and beyond. I've worked with many software companies over the past decades and I've been more impressed with the people at Edvance360 than any other company. I highly recommend this LMS for many reasons, but the incredible support to getting a program launched is the one I value most." - Jim A., Value-Based Selling.

The Training Team

Your assigned trainer from the Training Team will become your best friend for as long as you use the software because we don’t limit you to just onboard-training as some LMS vendors do. After your initial, onboard-training, you’ll continue to receive training from your assigned trainer as often and on whatever topics you need. Additionally, you’ll receive training on new upgrades (which are included at no cost) and new tools, on-demand resources, etc. Our started goal is to get to a 95% of higher usage rate at all of our client installations. This means the Training Team is tasked with evaluating the training you need, providing it, then tracking how successful it was. Then they do it all over again! This team is also tasked with churning out new resources on topics that our clients ask either in the Help Desk, forums, or other channels. Truly, the Training Team members are the all-stars of our teams.

For more information on training, click here. And, since you don’t normally get to “sample” the training team until after you’ve purchased, we are bucking this rule and allow all our free trial site holders to access an assigned trainer BEFORE they sign on the dotted line. Interested? Contact us.

Note: Want to "try before you buy"? Unlike most software companies, we actually let you try out training before you license! Yep. Contact us to schedule some time with a trainer in your very own Free Trial Site.


The Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team is where the magic happens. They are the unsung heroes of an often thankless job. This team is comprised of Tier One support representatives who receive tickets sent in by clients via the Help Desk on their sites and Tier Two representatives who do the actual programming. Tier One receives your submitted ticket and lets you know they’re on the job. Then they use the information submitted to replicate the issue, evaluate it’s priority and the users affected, and pass on the information to the second tier folks. Tier Two representatives are the super-smart guys (and gals) who fix what’s wrong, add what’s needed, and make everyone as happy as possible.

“WOW. Edvance360 was willing to work to make our experience seamless. We are so grateful for the extraordinary customer support we receive, any time we have questions, clarifications, or feature requests. Their responses are always thoughtful and professional, with a meaningful solution or consideration. To us, great customer service is absolutely necessary in our success, and Edvance360 certainly achieves in that area.” - Katie M., STAR Services


These four teams work together to make you successful and our clients consistently rave about them. When you select an LMS (or any software for that matter), consider their people before you go too crazy about features. Features can be easily added - and are, on a weekly basis. People who care? Not so much.

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