ePortfolio: Lucrative Branding For Learners

What is an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios are a digital repository for gathering and professionally displaying personal, educational and work achievements. In Edvance360 an ePortfolio is included in the learning management system which allows users to gather their achievements. Courses taken on the LMS will automatically show in the ePortfolios, but professionals and learners can add achievements, feedback/references, professional work, awards, leadership experiences, and education that happens OFF the LMS. This is a key component to making the LMS a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and a value-add tool for many of our corporations and associations who seek to develop a culture of learning.  It is also lucrative for learners as they seek promotions, new jobs, etc.

The ePortfolio comes out of the box with the following sections:
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Groups/Memberships
  • Honors/Awards
  • Publications
  • Documents
  • Leadership Experiences
  • Community Service
  • Training/Certifications
  • Contact Information
  • Badges
  • But the above can be modified to track ANYTHING that would be useful to track!
Users simply add the information and "proof" (if desired) to each section and share the link with others or via social networks using a customizable URL. As users have new experiences or achievements, they login to Edvance360 and add them, even long after graduating or finishing their coursework. This valuable tool brings learners back into the LMS again and again, which is profitable for eLearning programs who wish to 1) market new courses to those who have taken old courses, 2) keep alumni connected for the purposes of mentoring other learners, interacting with peers, or contributing to fundraising, or 3) remind learners of re-certifications.

Why Does EVERYONE Need An ePortfolio?

If you thought ePortfolios were just for people in education, you might be in the majority. The concept definitely originated in education, but is applicable for everyone since all companies in today's market needs equipped, experienced, and self-led learners. ePortfolios are a method for learners to gather all of their learning and experience in one place, professionally display it, and enable others to assess growth over time by providing a collection of achievements rather than just tests with scores. Whether you earned a degree, took a MOOC or did community service at a food shelter, managed the latest Relay For Life - these are all experiences that shape the learner and give potential employers and peer-professionals much-needed visibility.

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