Customizing the LMS With Homepage Widgets

Edvance360 provides our clients with several layers of possible customization. These range from the simple logo and color change to full CSS editor, from changing every word in the system through the language pack to custom click-paths, and from a totally custom Home Page complete with a welcome pop-up for learners to widgets that can be turned on/off by users. Widgets is a general terms used for sections of a page that perform a function, such as an RSS reader, a graph that provides an overview of live business intelligence, shortcuts to courses, social network connections, etc. Our widgets allows users to easily understand and see valuable information at a glance. 

E360 administrators can select the available widget options by user role (admin, instructor, learner, etc) by navigating to Admin > User Management > User Roles > Edit. Users can turn on/off the available widgets under the Dashboard Link on their Home Page in the right-hand toolbar. Additional widgets can be created for clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our widgets, this video is a great start, or contact a trainer to schedule some time to discuss your needs.

Available Widgets

Below is a list of available widgets and a screenshot of Offline Reporting and the Early Warning System.

  • List of active courses
  • Calendar (Week View)
  • Certificates
  • Comments per week
  • Discussion summaries
  • Early warning system
  • Course progress (shortcuts)
  • Login Data bar graph
  • My courses (shortcuts)
  • Offline reporting data/course data
  • RSS reader
  • Average of running averages
  • Number of students and courses
  • Test scores
  • Tool usage bar graph
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