Incorporating Gamification, Badges & Incentives with Learning Paths

Learn how to incorporate gamification, badges and incentives with learning paths to generate momentum and increase learning results for you and your organization. Regardless of your industry, gamification, badges and incentives are relevent. Our clients in corporations, higher education, K-12 and others are using these tools to motivate learners.

Are you looking for INCREASED RESULTS with your learning management system? Edvance360 LMS-SN leads the way in online education by combining a variety of effective Collaborative Learning tools with learner Gamification incentives.

Did you know?

A recent study (completed by explains that offering even the simplest of Gamification to your learning pathways increases the following return on your investment in:

  • Learner click-thru rates
  • Course Ratings
  • Page Views Course Enrollment/Registration
  • Mailbox/Message activity
  • User time and site–involvement
  • Sales Claims
  • User Participation

Click here to view infographic for more visual information on how your organization can incentivize your eLearning and create reward-based coursework that keeps your learners coming back for more! For a demonstration of the features and tools in our latest version, Edvance360 LMS Version 8.1, contact us at

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