Interview with CODiE Finalists: Edvance360

We're interviewing Brian Gerrity, CTO at Edvance360 on Edvance360's current finalist status, where he sees Edvance360 Learning Management System going in the near future, and why he feels it's rated "best" by SIIA industry peers.

Marketing to Brian Gerrity: So, Edvance360 has been named a finalist for the CODiE Award for Best Corporate/Workforce Development Learning Management System. That's "Best" for ten years running now. What do you think? Excited?

Brian: Yes, ten years is an accomplishment in any arena of life! Very exciting. It takes a team, which sounds trite, but is actually true.

M: Where do you see Edvance360 going in the near future?

B: Our focus has been on Version 8 and improving our tools by making them easier to use, even as they grow more robust. Which is harder than it sounds. Now we're gearing up for Version 9, which will be a redesign. Version 8 was meant to be a bridge to a new look and feel that Version 9 will provide. It's best to work toward a new design gradually, rather than all at once. Our users appreciate this approach.

M: What do you think made the CODiE Judges nominate us as finalists?

B: Well, from the feedback we received, they saw that our 14+ years of experience serving all our unique clients has resulted in a flexible software system. On the one hand, it's true that you can't "fit" everyone, you can make tools that normally might be seen to benefit, say, Higher Ed, benefit corporations in ways that corporate-only LMS vendors simply can't.

M: Give us an example.

B: A good example is rubrics. That's a "Higher Ed" academic sort of tool. Faculty have been using them to grade papers and presentations for decades or longer. Corporations can use them to provide feedback and standardize how they respond to assignments that need both feedback and human interaction. Role-playing, for example. Which is an effective way of teaching topics that a PowerPoint just can't. The rubric can show the employee where they could improve. Learning Outcomes in another. The Learning Object Repository is another. Robust testing and statistics on those assessments rather than a cursory right/wrong or pass/fail. All these things were developed for Higher Ed but Corporations benefit.

M: And visa versa.

B: Yes, that's right. Corporations are BIG into business intelligence and transparency. Higher Ed is moving that way at light speed. We've already developed a number of dashboards that show live business intelligence and this is only growing. Higher Ed benefits from the work we've done for corporations.

M: Thank you for your insight. Cheers to our co-finalists and fingers-crossed that we win!


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