Mothership: Content Management to Customizable Sub-sites Made Easy

Looking to deploy custom-branded LMS instances for each of your clients, countries, departments, or divisions? Use Edvance360's Mothership Project, a multi-tenant LMS model to save time managing and reporting on multiple sub-sites.  The Mothership Project allows each instance to be managed by its own administrators, however, the content is managed by you. (Though you can let each site admin add their own courses, if you'd like.) Content can be created at the top level under your control and synced to the desired instance through a dashboard.

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The Mothership is particularly useful for B2B clients who either need to segment their user population (e.g. they don't want them mixing in the collaborative communities or secure social network), those who sell and update bundles of courses for their clients or divisions, those who wish to contain their language-specific content, or those who simply want to offer their clients a greater value along with their content.

Mothership Process

  • Course created in client/sub-site account
  • Course shows in Super Admin Dashboard. Browse-able by selecting a client/sub-site, then listing courses after selecting the Term
  • Super Admin selects bundles or courses and pushes to the client-sub-site. If the client sub-site already has the course, the # of licenses are added to any existing licenses they have
  • Nested 'bundles' can be created. Courses may be added to any bundle
  • Cart is created in the background and imported to the Dashboard Cart Repository. Course is listed in the Dashboard by Category, with a hidden relation to the  cart
  • Client administrator can now see the course(s). They can assign a course to any facilitator by selecting a Term and then a facilitator
  • In the background , the original Cart in the Dashboard repository is unpacked and the course is created. Course setup is complete
  • Each time a user is enrolled in a course, it subtracts from the purchased licenses
  • A robust eCommerce module (E360 Connect) connects with the Mothership to enable purchased courses, bundles, and custom catalogs to be made available to particular sub-client sites, members, etc.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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