Sequential vs. Non-Sequential Learning


Edvance360 providers course designers to display learning content in a sequential (one step at a time) or non-sequential (checklist). The non-sequential option is usually used when learning content and objectives do not build on one another and the order in which the learner experiences them doesn't matter. In the non-sequential option, a learner could cheat and check off action in which they don't actually participate and any gaps in their learning would show on a final exam or project/paper. This method is very useful for self-led courses such as Master's level courses, Capstones, and the like.

Note: There is very little tracking on this option as the LMS has no idea how long a learner spent on a particular step, just how long they spent on that particular lesson. Agents can still be set up to trigger notices and unfold content based on percentage of the lesson that has been checked off.

The sequential option displays each "piece" of learning content in a step, tracks how long the user spent on each step, where they are in the sequence of steps, triggers notices and unfolds content using Agents based on steps accomplished or encountered in the lesson, require learners to mark the step complete before progressing to the next step. It can even require the learners to actually complete the lesson step before moving on (e.g. force the video to play all the way to the very end or a passing score on a test or completion of the SCORM file). Each step can also open up based on dates (such as when an ILT or webinar has been hosted). This method is, by far, the more preferred method as most learning modules build concept upon concept, objective upon objective.

Note: If you are using Lessons inside Communities to detail processes (e.g. graduation process or preparation to attend a user conference), either approach is used.

Coming Soon: Adaptive Learning, which is like a "Choose Your Own Destiny" way of presenting learning objects and steps based on their answers to questions, passing previous objectives, etc.

How to Setup Sequential Learning in Edvance360

Navigate to Courses > Settings > Other > Lessons > Layout or Locking

E360 Sequential Learning

In summary, most courses will be set up to be sequential to capitalize on the building-blocks model of learning. Other times, the free-for-all option will come in handy.

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