Show Off Your Skills with Digital Badges

badge-superuserDigital badges, one-inch by one-inch digital certificates, are a great way to show off achievements for competency-based education programs and indispensable for building a culture of learning.  Traditionally used in higher education or K-12 for teachers as micro-credentials to represent continuing education skills or for community-based actions (missions trips, attendance, etc.), badges have taken the corporate world by storm. Credly and OpenBadges are the industry pioneers for digital badges.

Why use Badges?

  1. Display skills and achievements
  2. Enhance learning experience
  3. Provide motivation for completing goals
  4. Validate accomplishments in online courses, MOOCs, and training programs

Edvance360 comes with an integration to Credly so organizations can award custom-branded digital badges for users. Simply link your Credly account in the Edvance360 admin tab, design your badges in Credly, and then add them to your training course. Users can display them as part of their ePortfolio or profile.

Badges are an excellent tool for building a learning culture - providing a bit of motivation or competition, appealing especially to a younger learner. Not only can learners earn them by completing courses but also by taking actions such as moderating discussions, assisting or mentoring others, or other acts of service that should be celebrated.

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