Unseen Value: Our Successful Training Process

Taking the leap into the unknown software world of a Learning Management System (LMS) can be daunting. Switching to a new LMS can be scary. A number of components impact the launch of an online initiative as a part of an overall implementation strategy (click here for our free guide on How to Successfully Implement an Online Program). One that rarely gets the attention it deserves is the training process.

Too often, we've had clients switch to us from other LMS vendors, saying their previous LMS didn't do certain things or contain certain features. But we find their previous LMS did actually do those things and did contain those features, they were just unaware or not trained how to use them. To prevent this from happening to OUR clients, we make unlimited training available at no charge for as long as needed.

We also have clients switch to us from other LMS vendors, saying that the previous vendor didn't provide enough training or charging to much for it or maybe even just giving access to videos. We've even been told some LMS vendors tout their software "is so easy it implements itself". Sorry, but that's just not possible! An LMS contains thousands of features, not all of which will be useful to all clients. To prevent this from happening to OUR clients, we customize training for our clients and provide a live trainer via screen sharing.

Over 14+ years of serving our clients who range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, private K-12 schools to Community College Districts, we've developed a "Best in Class" training that gets results:

  • At academic institutions, this means we get to a 95% or higher faculty usage rate
  • At corporations, this means we get to a 95% or higher completion rate
  • And for all organizations of all types, this means you are ready to LAUNCH at least one course

Here's the low-down:

When a client comes on board, our training coaches navigate through the six main sections demonstrating best practices of each tool and functionality within the LMS via live screen sharing tool (which is also always recorded for posterity in an E360 Community):

  1. Overview - Home Page and all it's glorious widgets, including building a course via the wizard
  2. Resources - What to do with the stuff you'll use to build courses
  3. Course Tools - The tools that make the course more than a SCORM file and a test
  4. Lessons - The crux of the whole thing, delivering the course material
  5. Administration - All those hundreds of settings you set up once and never need again
  6. Reports & Dashboards - The stuff that makes your life better

This engaging approach allows for suggestions on-site and course-design, answers specific questions as they arise for your unique needs, and creates the desired outward-facing interface for learners to learn (what they see when they log in). Clients then begin using the tools within their own site, learning directly from their own personal practice and experience, completing homework in between each session. Additional training and Q&A sessions are provided as needed to guarantee successful usage of all parts of the system - for as long as the client is using us. And at no additional charge.

Bottom line: Edvance360 training coaches support the clients' architectural design goals with a collaborative effort, creating success on all sides. If you'd like to "try before you buy" and actually meet with a trainer in your own Free Trial Site, contact us.

Once the key training is accomplished, clients will continue working with our design and implementation teams to meet all expectations.