Update to Cloning Tool: Home Page Banner Tool

The Scoop: Home Page Banner Tool

Administrators can never have enough alerts, notifications, and ways of getting learner's attention, right? We've added yet another - and we think this one will get their attention FAST! Edvance360 LMS Version 8.1 now includes an update to enable administrators to create full-color graphic banners that link to either internal or external URLs. Corporations can use them to "market" new courses to clients and previous learners, send messages of changes, etc. Schools can use them to post registration deadlines, information, policy changes, etc. And, since it's right smack dab in the top part of their Home Page, we think they have a better chance of seeing the message!

Now, in Version 8.1, administrators can create Home Page banners as an additional alert. See quick video below.


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