Updates to Edvance360 LMS (Version 8.1.2) (Continued)

We're very excited to release Version 8.1.2, the first new release of 2018. This minor release, which contains a number of new features and updates to existing ones, will be made "live" on all our client sites on February 15th. A sneak peek of all it contains will be held on February 6th at 1 PM ET.

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For a full-access pass to each feature, along with tutorials and QuickStart Guides, click hereFor release notes, go to www.edvance360.com/release-notes.  For the previous blog post covering the first three updates/features, click here.

New Features & Updates:

  • New Agent: Recertification Reminder

    In Version 8.1.2, eLearning program directors can create an Agent to automatically remind learners to re-certify in 30, 60, 90, and approximately one year after completing the course. This reminder will run even if the course the learner had previously completed is set to “inactive” or the user is set to “alumni”.

  • Class Limiting Feature
    In a previous version, Edvance360 LMS released the ability for users to self-enroll in available courses via a calendar or list under the feature called “Available Courses”. In Version 8.1.2 we’ve added the feature update that enables administrators and course creators to limit the number of enrollments per course. Users can see how many “seats” are left in a course and self-enroll in the course. Once a course has reached the max number of seats or enrollees, the course color will change to red and the “register” option for users will turn to a “waitlist” option. Course facilitators and Admins have the option to either turn a waitlist ON/OFF, as well as to set up Email templates to be sent for both registered and waitlisted users. In the case that waitlist users have registered, Course facilitators and Admins will see this Waitlist as a new Course Agent on their Homepage Dashboard.
  • Suggested Essay
    Several of our schools requested the ability to provide faculty and adjuncts with a sample essay or notes on what the essay should include to provide a guide while grading a student’s submitted essay on tests. This has been added to Version 8.1.2. The guiding essay or notes can be added to the essay question itself. These guides are (obviously) only available to those who grade the essays and not to students.


Getting Practical

Many of our clients - both corporate and those dealing with professional development - need their staff to complete certifications each year or several times a year to ensure they are "in compliance". To help remind forgetful staff that their certification is coming due again, Version 8.1.2 has a new agent. Administrators can set it to remind the staff members 30, 60, 90, or 300 days after they completed the last training that it's now time to re-enroll (providing a link to the new course) and re-certify. It can also notify supervisors to "alert" them to the need to oversee the re-certification. Agents are a GREAT way to cut down on admin tasks. If you'd like more training on agents, click here.

Many of our clients desire to limit course size - for both hybrid courses and ILT courses - due to space limitations or effectiveness (large class sizes to teacher ratios are never the best). The new Available Courses/Self-Registration feature allows our clients to offer multiple instances of the same course, limiting each instance to a set number of "seats". Learners can self-enroll, selecting courses from either a calendar or list. Administrators can manage the enrollments and limitations much better than in previous versions, so give it a try! Click here for training.

Many of schools employ adjunct faculty and wish to provide them with guidelines on grading essays, to ensure competencies are met. In Version 8.1.2 we've provided a new feature on the Essay-type question. Course designers have the ability to put in guidelines or a sample essay that only appears for the instructor of the course (NOT students, of course). They see these guidelines or sample essay when they grade the learner's submissions, thus making it easier for the instructor to adhere to the guidelines.

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