Updates to Edvance360 LMS (Version 8.1.2) (Final Features)

We're very excited to release Version 8.1.2, the first new release of 2018. This minor release, which contains a number of new features and updates to existing ones, will be made "live" on all our client sites on February 15th. A sneak peek of all it contains will be held on February 6th at 1 PM ET.

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New Features & Updates:

  • New Feature: Launching Courses From Calendar Option

    Version 8.1.2 includes a new feature suited to clients who do not require an assessment but instead wish for learners to launch a video (or handout) from a calendar date. (SCORM launch will come in a later version.) The learner can view the course content (video) without entering a course or clicking on a lesson. Instead, the video launches from the calendar in a separate window.

  • Update: Time Taken On Lessons Report
    In Version 8.1.2 the Time Taken On Lessons Report (found in Course Reports) reflects the actual time taken between the first viewing of a step to the time the learner clicks the "Next" button, tallying the time in between to give a total of time taken spent on the Lessons. Previously, this report calculated all time spent on the Lessons pages, which might have included the hours of inactivity before the system automatically logged them out.


Getting Practical

Many of our clients offer memberships that provide access to courses and resources (and sometimes coaching, etc.). These clients may or may not offer certification or grades for completion of a course or program or learning path. For those who are just wanting to provide a video or handout (and soon, a SCORM file), but not require an assessment, enrolling their learners into a course and then setting up the calendar to allow them to launch videos at specific dates makes sense. If there's more than one step in a Lesson required then this option is not the right one, currently. If there is only one step (the actual video or handout), then this is a great option.

In previous versions, the Time Taken on Lessons report showed time the student spent in the Lessons from the moment they first entered it until they finished it, which could possibly be a year in some cases. This would not be good data for those who need actual time taken vs. time from start to finish. (For some, the two are not very different for whatever reason.) So, Version 8.1.2 shows actual time spent on the Lesson steps, going from step to step, clicking the Next button and so on.

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